Map Out The Entire Customer Journey

Understand each touchpoint behind your customers’ decision making process

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Connect The Dots

  • View the full customer journey from ad impression to website visit, content engagement, checkout process, and products purchased.
  • Visualize the entire customer journey with touchpoints initiated through Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Bing.
  • Understand how shopper navigate your website and what they see before making a purchase.
  • See which ads are best for driving the sales of certain products to improve product sell through.
  • Uncover hidden trends to spend marketing dollars more effective to drive revenue.

Guided Growth

  • Measure your progress using 6 KPIs to quantify the impact of your marketing spend.
  • Operate your company with data-driven decisions to make better strategic choices.
  • Track the effect of ad creatives and website content changes on revenue.
  • Leverage domain-specific industry data to infrom your your strategy decisions.
  • Use a unified dashboard as a single source of truth to the pulse of your business.

Turnkey Solution

  • Solution has a quick setup and seemlessly integrates with your existing website, ad, and ecommerce system.
  • Automatically track how shoppers engage with content: view product images, read reviews, etc.
  • Dashboard is ready out of the box with nothing to configure or maintain, everything auto-updates.
  • Insert 1-line of Javascript on your website and configure settings on Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
  • Track your users across multiple domains, so if you use Shopify and Wordpress, you can get a unified view into the complete customer journey on both sites.