Supercharge Your Ads & Conversion Funnel

Spend marketing dollars more effectively to drive revenue.

Grow Using Data

More Impactful Ads

  • Double down on ads that drive quality traffic and leads to transactions.
  • Stop wasting money on ads that don’t perform in driving orders regardless of the click through rate.
  • Reduce spends on ads with high cost per order and high bounce rate.
  • Experiment with ad creatives to bring down cost per visit and cost per order.
  • Ensure that ads are sending traffic to the right landing pages to avoid traffic that results in immediate site exit.

Content That Resonates

  • Discover content that convince shoppers to purchase or deter them away.
  • Tweak product messaging to better resonate with shoppers and influence them to purchase.
  • In website navigation, emphasize high-conversion pages with low bounce rateand underplay pages with high site exit rate.
  • Quantify shoppers engagement with content before purchase, e.g. view product photos or reading reviews.
  • Revise content to be more persuasive in facilitating a transaction to drive sales quicker.

Profitable Sales Funnels

  • Track the entire customer journey from awareness to discovery to consideration to transaction.
  • Properly attribute credits to all ads and content seen by the customer before converting.
  • Correlate ad creatives to on-site engagement and to products purchased from the resulting orders.
  • Ensure positive ROI on all ads in a multi-touchpoint customer journeys where more than one ad is seen.
  • Get a conversion funnel for every product and ad showing add to cart, checkout, and orders placed.

Ad Budget Recommendation

  • Artificial intelligence is used to analyze ads data to calculate optimal spend on each ad to maximize the ROI of marketing.
  • The website content is factored into the analysis to determine the quality of the ad and its true effect on revenue.
  • The different steps of the conversion funnel are used to guage the quality of ad, audience, and messaging.
  • Continuous adjustments to ad budget based on ad performans and proactive analysis to stay competitive in ad marketplace.
  • Our advanced algorithms take into account seasonality and competition to make smart suggestions.

Accurate Unbiased Reports

  • Get accurate reports with no bias toward any ad network, measured independently of Google and Facebook.
  • Properly credit all the touchpoints involved in facilitating a transaction using algorithm-based attribution.
  • Avoid inflated conversion count if Facebook and Google ads are seen within a month for the same customer journey.
  • Reports are compiled from full data set with no sampling to prevent skewing the results, so every user interaction is considered.
  • Results are shown on an ad-creative level and report is not blended on a campaign level to hide bad performers.

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