We're Ecommerce Nerds

Path Turbo was founded in 2013 by a group of nerds with over a decade of experience in eommcerce and analytics. Our team consists of data scientists, software engineers, and industry experts. Our headquarter is based in Troy, MI.

We strive to use complex data tracking and correlation mechanisms to connect the dots in the customer journey and help you get actionable insights from your data that have measureable impact on your business.

Path Turbo is an independent company, not owned by Google or Facebook, so our report are without prejudice toward or against any ad platform. We don’t sell ads so we’re impartial to your ad spend amount.

Our incentive is aligned with our clients to maximize their marketing ROI. We view our clients as partners instead of customers, so we work together with them to to improve the tangible results of the solution.

Our Values

1. Innovate

Continuously experiment, learn, and iterate. Think differently about challenges. Imagine new and novel ways to solve complex problems. Push the limits to make a big leap forward instead of incremental progress.

2. Simplify

Condense vast amount of information into impactful bits that are easy to understand and act on. Obsess over details but operate with the big picture in mind. Reduce insights to its essense of impact on business.

3. Cooperate

Great solutions are built by teams and not individuals. We consider our clients as partners and work closely with them to uncover and solve pain points. We strive to leave everything better than how we found it.

4. Persevere

Embrace and learn from failures. Create better revisions. Persist through difficut times and stay focused on the fundamentals of solution that delivers tangible value. Focus on long-term value instead of short-term gains.

Meet the Team